Friday, November 6, 2009

The Killers

Today I got out of clinic early, so I have cleaned my house and now have some extra time to make a post. Way back in September, David and I went to The Killers Concert while they were here in the Bay Area. We had tried to go to some of their previous shows but one was sold out and the other was on a Sunday. After two failed attempts I was very excited to be going to show. I bought the tickets back in June and didn't give David a chance to object to the purchase.
Come to the week of the concert and David came down with a cold. We nearly nixed our plans of seeing the show due to David's cold and overall exhaustion. Thankfully he toughed it out and we had a blast! The groups playing before them included The New York Dolls, who were also great to see since we were somewhat familiar with their music.
The Killers played so many of our favorite songs and it's always fun to be singing along with a crowd of 25,000 people. Everyone knew the words to Mr. Brightside, Somebody Told Me and When You Were Young.
Both the lead singer of The Killers, Brandon Flowers, and the original bass player for The New York Dolls, Arthur Kane, are mormon. Which I love! Too often I get caught up in thinking that Mormonism is a culture, instead of a religion/belief system. Maybe this stems from being too critical of myself, but I appreciate the talent and choices of these individuals. Arthur Kane was featured in a documentary called New York Doll that tells of his life as a member of band, his current life situation and his dream of reuniting the band some 20 years after they disbanded. (It's really good.)
I believe I have come to love going to concerts. If they weren't so dang expensive I'd go to a lot more. Last weekend I tried to buy Taylor Swift tickets but apparently she's hotter than I thought. I tried buying tickets within 2 minutes of when they became available and was told there were no more tickets available. Later that evening David heard San Francisco's R&B station playing a Taylor Swift song, I guess that shows how popular her songs are.

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