Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween & School

I am in disbelief knowing that I'm well into the middle of my 3rd year. School has changed now that I have clinic 4 days a week and only having to go to the classroom on Thursdays.
This month I am working in the Surgery Department at St. Mary's hospital. So far it has been fantastic! I get to scrub and assist with ANY surgery that occurs in the hospital. So far I have helped remove an appendix, drain a lung abscess, and mesh a skin graft! I wish there were
pictures to help share my experiences you will all have to imagine. (update: today I was able to watch a 2nd toe transplanted to replace a thumb that had a mishap with a saw. Crazy!)

David and I had a great Halloween week. We had to forego our annual trip to Half Moon Bay to pick out pumpkins, but we managed to carve pumpkins with our friends from school and visit some festive neighborhoods on Halloween night.


ty + nikki said...

cute pumpkins. way more impressive than ours. ;)

I'm glad you are enjoying school and seeing all the gory stuff. It's pretty amazing what they can do now!

shaunie said...

Neat stuff! (I am slightly jealous as well). I would think it nice to be actually practicing your loads of school work by now.

Cool pumpkins, I didn't even manage to get any bought this year. How sad is that? My kids didn't even notice, all they saw were the piles of candy in their buckets!

Kelsey said...

Pretty interesting stuff you're getting into at school. Surprisingly quite the variety. Cute pumpkins.