Monday, February 15, 2010


I am guilty of neglecting the blog, but today my guilt has finally moved me to post an update. During one of the weekends in January David and I both had a Friday off and decided to visit the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. Here is our day in picture form:

David standing in front of the museum and some other building in the square.
The entrance to the museum.
One of the first things you see after you enter are these
wonderful shallow reefs with brightly colored coral and fishes.
See there, underneath the lights? That's where you see the coral and fish. The death star-like globe on the left part of the picture is the planetarium. We watched the "Journey of the Stars" on the 75 foot wide screen. It was my first planetarium experience and I will say that I enjoyed it very much.
The aquarium portion of the museum included tanks of the Phillipian coral reef and the Northern California coast. In the California Coast exhibit they had lots of rockfish. And the coral reef exhibit had brightly colored fish, including small neon pink fish.
I think these are rockfish.
The only picture from the entire day with both of us in it.
The four-story rainforest is all contained within this giant dome. They maintain a temperature of 80 degrees and humidity of 80%. It did a number on my hair.
This is on the fourth level in the "canopy" of the rainforest.
There were 100's of butterflies fluttering around.
This is what the "The Living Roof" on the building looks like. It is completely
covered in plants and the windows over this hill open and close
to maintain temperature or ventilation within the building.
After the museum we headed over to the Cliffhouse for desserts. The walls
facing the ocean are all glass and you get to watch the waves crashing into
rocks and large ocean liners make their way towards the Golden Gate Bridge.
I had meant to take pictures of the desserts before we began eating them.
As you can see we got to them before the camera could.
So yet another fun day trip with my handsome husband within San Francisco. David's birthday is coming up and he is determined to go on a trip somewhere. We will see where that takes us. Any suggestions for him?

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shaunie said...

How fun! I've been wanting to go to some of the aquariums/science centers here, but I think my kids would get bored. So we'll wait until they're older I think. The little smidgen of dessert on the back plate looks really good!